Sash Lock (Truth Hardware 16.30 ‘Entrygard’) (Left)

Sash Lock (Truth Hardware 16.30 ‘Entrygard’) (Left)


The EntryGard® Sash Lock has a big .625” (15.8 mm) reach-out for maximum pull-in of the sash. This lock design comes in handed and non-handed versions for standard or optional tandem applications on large casement windows. When properly mounted, this lock withstands negative air pressure in commercial and high wind geographic areas —up to 200 lbs. of force per lock. These locks will securely hold the sash against weatherstripping to help prevent water and air leakage. 

A cut-out along the lock case allows for continuous weatherstripping. Designed as a replacement for Truth’s #16.16 Sash Lock, this lock features a keeper larger than that used on the #16.16 Lock to provide better stability and strength. The EntryGard Casement Sash Lock will immediately retrofit into any screen stop profile presently designed around Truth’s #16.16 Sash Lock.

Direct replacement of the 16.16 lock series)

Lock Keeper 30827.92 Included  (see related Product Below)


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