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Telescoping Pole Crank Hook End (Truth Hardware 10.63.8)

The #10638 Hook Pole is used for opening manual skylights. The pole telescopes from 68-1/2" to 116-1/2". The pole is used in conjunction with the universal ring system (#30325, #30326, #30439, #30960) or the #31000 Eyelet.

Hex Drive Socket Adaptor (Truth Hardware)

For use where pole operation is required. For use with poles that have a hex ball end. Fits all Truth operator splines. With set screw. Maximum operational angle when used with a hex ball pole is 35 degrees.

Telescoping Pole Crank Hex Ball End (Truth Hardware 10.6.180)

This Truth Hardware Telescoping Pole is used for reaching the crank handle for overhead window operators. The pole has a hook end and is five feet long.

Bearing Bracket for Sill Extension (Truth Hardware)

The bearing bracket is for use with a pole operated clerestory or skylight window system. It usually requires the use of a sill extension to support the bracket and to provide for the 60 degree angle recommended for the universal joint with pole ring attachment.

Clerestory Skylight Pole Crank (truth hardware 30.4.760)

The #30.4 Clerestory Pole operates by means of a flexible shaft inside a tubular metal housing. This must be used with the Adapter #20550 which is sold separately.