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Crank Handle (Truth Hardware 10579) (5/16″ SPLINE)

Material: Die Cast Casting Number on the crank handle (short style): 40085 (Truth Hardware) We only carry long-style handles from Truth Hardware - all handles fit all operators. For use on any geared or crank style Truth window or door operator (5/6" spline or spindle size). Also sometimes known as an 5/16" or 11/32" spline or spindle size

Entrygard Operator Cover (Truth Hardware 10341)

These covers are used on many Truth Hardware cranks and are mounted by clipping them on. The crank handle needs to come off to remove the cover plate.

Operator Cover & Folding Handle (Truth Hardware ‘Entrygard’ 12905)

$22.50 $19.50
Material: Die Cast Contour Handle and Cover for the Entrygard Operators. Available in many different finishes. Electrostatically applied, durable coatings that provide excellent resistance to chipping, scratching and corrosion while maintaining colour stability for years in direct sunlight.